Energy market data,
Portfolio management tools

step 1

1.  Install our Excel add-in.

step 2

2.  Feed your models with time series,
be notified about newly published reports.

step 3

3.  Price your clients' profiles,
generate price and volume projections.

step 4

4.  Make better decisions.


For energy traders

If you trade on the spot, intra-day (XBID) or balancing market, directly or via broker – you get most up-to-date data which determine the supply and demand on energy markets. We will notify you about new UMMs or TSO plans with the alerter. You will quickly identify optimization possibilities for your portfolio.


For energy market analysts

If you price clients' profiles, build and validate prognostic models or manage risks – you get access to complete past data, so that you can calibrate your models, as well as to current data, so that you can make forecasts and estimate risks. Thanks to the pricing calculator you can quickly price any profile for any delivery period. You can also easily generate hourly price structure projection (HPFC) or clients' hourly volume projections.

power plant

We offer UMMs – published both on power plants and TSO's websites

The most difficult to retrieve and to process, i.e. UMMs of power plants in Poland. They have fundamental influence on price levels on the spot, intra-day (XBID) and balancing markets.


We deliver TSO data

Fundamental data about the Polish domestic power system: both plans and reports about demand, generation, power reserve, balancing prices, etc.

How you can work with data

The ForecastPower MS Excel add-in allows you to retrieve and granulate data directly in an Excel workbook. For example, you can easily aggregate outages of generating units with the capacity above 400 MW.

Having a complete set of information in Excel in the form of time series, you can:

  • identify optimization possibilities,
  • easily present data on charts or in tables,
  • quickly process them for further analyses,
  • build and develop effective prognostic models.


What you receive with subscription

  • Access to REMIT UMMs data – published on the biggest energy companies' websites as well as delivered by the TSO,
  • Alerter with current notifications about new reports (e.g. REMIT UMMs, TSO plans and reports),
  • Possibility of defining your own queries for data download and aggregation,
  • Tools for defining and generating price curve projections (HPFC) and profile projections for any delivery period,
  • Pricing calculator for clients volumetric profiles.


Calendar of holidays and peak hours

The calendar enables you to preview and to export bank holidays and peak hours for any date range directly to Excel. It contains data for yearly, quarterly and monthly products for CEE countries.


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